Ellis Vay

alter ego behind the decks

Amsterdam-based DJ and performer Ellis Vay radiates contagious energy. Specializing in a dynamic mix of house, disco and Italo, she adds a touch of electro and trance for an eclectic vibe. Always in motion behind the decks and ready to don roller skates upon request, Ellis effortlessly connects with any crowd through her music and captivating personality.

With a decade of DJ experience, Ellis can handle any turntable and navigates through various musical genres seamlessly. As a resident at Roller Dreams by WONDR, she crafts a vibrant atmosphere by playing disco sets while gracefully roller skating to entertain her audience to the fullest. Next to Roller Dreams, she’s also resident at Raisin the Bar where she travels along with its new pop-up concept. In recent years she played at festivals such as Into the Woods, Solar Weekend, Amsterdam Canal Parade, Familiar Forest Festival, Bosburcht and Lago Lago.

Hailing from a quaint village in the heart of the Netherlands, Ellis’s upbringing was steeped in music, dance and creativity. Introduced to music by her father, an organist and pianist, she started playing the piano at the age of 5. Simultaneously, she embraced ballet dancing and, at 10, added guitar to her repertoire. Despite her parents exclusively playing classical music at home, Ellis’s teenage years were marked by a unique journey into the world of contemporary music. Imagine hearing Earth, Wind & Fire for the first time when you’re 14 years old; Ellis has been hooked on disco music since that moment.

Fuelling her passion, Ellis transitioned from curating playlists for events to DJ-ing during her graduation at TU Delft. A borrowed DJ controller and two sleepless weeks later, Ellis Vay was born, leading to a slightly delayed graduation.

Beyond her role as a DJ and performer, Ellis is the founder of fashion-tech brand Arí van Twillert. She crafts her own stagewear, complementing the Ellis Vay concept—an extravaganza blending her vibrant personality into music, moves and appearance.

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Ellis Vay @AAN BLC weekender 2019

Ellis Vay @Hutjemutje: SolarWeekend 2019