Lidewij van Twillert

Hello there,

I’m Lidewij van Twillert, a Rotterdam based design engineer working in the fields of product-, fashion-, and graphic design. I strive to design products that become cherished by – and therefore indispensable for – their users. In this way a product or piece of clothing will become sustainable since it won’t be thrown away without a thought. To design products that really become cherished, it simply needs to be a good product.

A good product can only exist when form and function are one. My interest in clothing has always been there, but sometimes the integration of form and function is not there in the fashion industry. With my skills as a design engineer I want to create more depth and meaning in the fashion industry by integrating technology.

I graduated at Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). I wanted to graduate with a project in which my vision of form and function being one would become reality. With bras form and function are not one; this piece of clothing is either comfortable or beautiful. Finding a bra having both seems to be impossible. I decided to graduate on the design of a comfortable, supportive ánd beautiful bra. After graduating in June 2015, I started Mesh Lingerie in September that year.

Besides designing, I have another great passion. With my father being a musician, I developed my musical side growing up playing the piano and guitar. The last few years I developed skills in dj-ing as my alter ego Ellis Vay.